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Food & City Tours met Blog Kapoué’s owner, alias Jack Typhus, a local inflencer who run an excellent lifestyle blog in Strasbourg. He shares his secrets with us.

Jack Typhus, who are you? A thirty-something blogger who lives in Strasbourg for 15 years. I am in love with this city, which I discover day after day…

As a local, do you often visit Place de la Cathédrale?  Yes, but not necessarily to my taste, but I like to go there when I have meetings in the city center. I am always surprised and impressed by the size of the structure and the fineness of the details!

Your best spot to have a breathtaking view of the Cathedral? Difficult question… I’m not a fan of the front view from Rue Mercière. I prefer to look at it from the side, either at the corner with the Rue du Dôme or Place du Château.

blog kapoué.png

The most unusual place in Strasbourg? Visit the upper part of the cathedral and see the rose window from inside the building. Or the Voodoo Museum (to visit at night with a flashlight …!)

A romantic restaurant for a romantic dinner? There are so many good restaurants in Strasbourg… I would say the Brasserie des Haras for its unique setting, on a winter Saturday night with a glass of Crémant (Alsatian sparkling wine) and candles.

brasserie haras
Brasserie des Haras

Your ultimate things to do in Strasbourg? The Cathedral Notre-Dame of Strasbourg, Batorama, Petite France and Orangerie Park. If you have one more day and if the weather is good: rent a bike to discover the parks and especially the Jardin des Deux Rives to say Hello to our German neighbors!

DSC_9595 (Medium)
Mimram Bridge – Jardin des Deux Rives (I bike Strasbourg)

Your favorite Alsatian dish? Classic but powerful: Sauerkraut (Choucroute in French) with 3 (or 5) kinds of meats.  I also appreciate the Fish Sauerkraut, especially from the Kammerzell House.

Your favorite street in Strasbourg? I really like the narrow passage that goes from the Place du Château to the rue du Maroquin, it’s cute with the view of the medieval garden of the Museum of Oeuvre Notre Dame.

A place to party? For people of my age: Les Aviateurs 😉 Otherwise the Café des Anges around Krutenau area.

A hotel to recommend? I love Street Art and unpretentious places, so I would say the Graffalgar Hotel. I also recommend their brunch! 😉

Graffalgar Hotel

Your favorite shop? I repeat it a lot but I would say Curieux Concept Store! A beautiful men and women lifestyle shop along the Quai Kellermann.

Imagine that you are going to visit an old friend in the United States. You want to bring him / her something emblematic from Alsace what would it be? A stylish pretzel shaped pillow for his couch or a box filled with Bredele (Alsatian Christmas cookies) (I chose things that can be preserved during the trip!)

More info about the Blog Kapoué :

Pretzel pillow
Pretzel Pillow (Pinterest)

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