The promise of a “historic vintage” for Alsace wines

The grape harvests reach their end: time for assessment.  The Interprofessional Council of Alsace wines (Civa) declared promising results for this 2018 vintage. “Without a doubt, this 2018 vintage will be remembered, because of the unusual climatic conditions but also the good execution of the harvest.”

Some mouth-watering (or wining) informations:  the Civa notes that “the Crémants are magnificent despite the suppleness of the wines”, “the Muscat, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner are clear, fruity and voluptuous “, “the Gewurztraminer are very aromatic with spicy notes, typical of a hot vintage “and that “for the Riesling, it was necessary to be patient and to adapt the dates of harvest according to the terroirs. But the hot days and cool nights in October were ideal for the maturity of this late grape variety. Fruitiness and freshness are perfect. “

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“The year’s great successes ” are … “Pinot Gris and Noir are great successes. Pinot Gris are structured and powerful, Pinot Noirs are generous with great color intensities,  with highly promising results.”

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Source : translated from – La promesse d’un «millésime d’anthologie» pour les vins d’Alsace

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