The general terms and conditions of sale
described hereunder detail the rights and
obligations of FOOD & CITY SAS and its client
in connection with the sale of the following
services: cultural events and leisure activities
for businesses and individuals, in the context
of heritage discovery and local products.
Any service performed by the company FOOD
& CITY SAS implies the unreserved acceptance
of the buyer to these general conditions of

The prices of services sold are those in effect
on the day of the reservation. They are
denominated in euros including VAT.
FOOD & CITY SAS reserves right to modify its
rates at any time. However, it pledges to
charge for the services sold at the prices
indicated when registering the reservation.

Payment methods
Payment for services shall be made:
either by cheque;
or by bank transfer;
or by Paypal in the case of an online
or by Credit Card
Upon registration of the reservation, the
buyer must pay either the full amount of the
invoice or a 30% deposit of the total amount
of the invoice, with the balance to be paid
within 30 working days after receipt of the

Late payment
In the case of failure to pay the agreed
amount for the services provided within 30
working days of receipt of the invoice issued
by FOOD & CITY SAS, the buyer must pay a
penalty charge equal to 15% of the total billed
This penalty is calculated from the balance
owing including all taxes and runs from the
payment deadline date without any prior
notice being required.
In addition to compensation for damage
resulting from delay, any sum, including the
deposit, which has not been paid by the due
date, will automatically give rise to the
payment of a lump-sum indemnity of €40 for
recovery costs.
Articles 441-6, paragraph 12 I and D. 441-5 of
the Commercial Code.

Cancellation clause
If within fifteen days of the implementation
of the “late payment” clause, the buyer has
not paid the outstanding amounts, the sale
will be cancelled as of right which will entitle
FOOD & CITY SAS to damages.

Place of supply
All reservations specify the place of departure
of the visit. The basic fare for services
provided by FOOD & CITY SAS includes a place
of departure and arrival situated in the
geographical area of the city centre of
Strasbourg (the part of the city within the
arms of the river Ill) and within a radius of
2km around it. Any other point of departure
and/or arrival will be subject to an additional
cost, varying according to the distance, time
and possible traveling expenses of the guide,
and will require lengthening of the guided
tour to ensure the same benefits.

Period of performance

The duration of the services is specified at the
time of booking and includes a starting point
(and point of arrival) as specified. In case of a
shortened service on the same day, the full
sum of the payments initially requested will
be due. The duration of the service can be
changed in advance or on site under the
following conditions:
– lateness of the group: the guide remains
waiting for the group for 30 minutes following
the original appointment time. The service
will be reduced by a period equivalent to the
delay or, subject to the availability and
agreement of the guide, the partners and the
group, may be extended accordingly; this
additional time will be invoiced on the basis
of the applicable rates.
– lateness or non-arrival of the guide: the
group should remain waiting for the guide for
30 minutes. Subject to the availability of the
guide and partners and the agreement of the
group, the visit may be extended by the delay
time (with a tolerance of 10 minutes). In the
event of disagreement, the visit will be
shortened by a duration equivalent to this
delay and will give rise to a reduction for the
customer of half an hour for each half hour
begun, on the basis of the applicable rates.

A delay of over half an hour or in case of non-
arrival of the guide, the group is entitled to

cancel the service and to demand the
cancellation of the corresponding invoice.
A compensatory payment not exceeding 30%
of the amount for the cost of the services
provided may be claimed.

Description of service
The description of service can be found on the
website or on
the quote for tailor-made services. It includes
indicative details of the content of the service
and ensures good group mobility. In
agreement with the customer, the guide can
adapt the visit according to public and/or
particular circumstances (weather, etc). At
the time of delivery, the guide is not obliged
to accept modifications or adaptations as to
the content of the service indicated on the

Number of participants
The services are provided certain for a
number of persons defined at the time of
booking. In the event of a change in the
number of persons, FOOD & CITY SAS should
be informed as soon as possible. In case of
cancellation of a person on the day of the
service, the total amount will be invoiced to
the customer. Should additional persons be
added to the group, FOOD & CITY SAS
reserves the right either to refuse these
participants for organisational and security
reasons, or to accept them by adapting the
invoice to the new number of participants.

Non-attendance of group – Cancellation
Any cancellation or partial cancellation must
be given in writing at least 24 hours before
the scheduled time of the tour. In the case of
non-attendance or cancellation less than 24
hours before the scheduled time of the tour,
the group must pay the billed amount in full.

Force majeure
The liability of FOOD & CITY SAS cannot be
applied if the non-performance or delay in the
performance of one of its obligations
described in these general conditions of sale
arises from a case of force majeure
(exceptional and sudden closure of a tourist
area, exceptional security measures, natural
disaster, etc.) Force majeure is defined as any
external, unpredictable and inevitable event
within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil

Competent court
Any dispute relating to the interpretation and
execution of these general conditions of sale
is subject to French law.
In the absence of an amicable resolution, the
dispute shall be brought before the Tribunal
de Commerce of Strasbourg (France).