Food & City Tours – Strasbourg was one of the first tour agencies in both France and Europe to offer food tours. Alsace has attracted foodies for the past couple of centuries with its famous Winstubs, or wine lounges. So, it’s only natural that it’s involved in the recent trend of food tourism. Increasingly popular over the last ten years, this allows visitors to discover a city or a region while tasting local specialties. In France, food is an integral part of our identity. UNESCO has even added French cuisine to the world’s intangible cultural heritage! And in an increasingly standardized world, it’s one of the things that still differentiates one place from another. By taking a food tour, you’re helping to preserve this cultural diversity. We work with a formidable team of qualified guides from the Alsace region. If you are looking for Quality, Professionalism, and Authenticity, you are at the right place!


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What to see in Strasbourg? How to see Strasbourg in a day? How best to spend your weekend in Strasbourg? Follow the guide!

By following one of our accredited tour guides, you’ll discover not only Strasbourg’s must-see sites but also its secrets and little-known stories. You’ll taste the best Alsatian specialties while meeting the residents of Strasbourg, men and women passionate about their craft, great produce, and above all their city. Use Food & City Tours and treat yourself to a unique experience.


We want our tours to be friendly and intimate, so our tour groups are always small to let you get the best from your guide. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you put together your very own gourmet guided tour of Strasbourg. We love being able to show you the best of Strasbourg by creating a personalized guided tour that accommodates your needs.

Food & City Tours also organizes gourmet experiences like wine and food evenings, wine tasting sessions to discover the wines of Alsace, gourmet treasure hunts for up to 200 people split up into small groups with a map, private cooking and pastry classes, gourmet cruises on the Ill river, or even exclusive dinner parties in the home of a local resident. More details…

We can organize guided tours in a number of different languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.


As you might have noticed, we’re proud to be able to show you the best of Strasbourg during your visit to our wonderful city. We’ll introduce you to the residents of Strasbourg, so you can taste the best produce that the Alsace region has to offer!


The Best Food Tour Anywhere!

I’ve done food tours now in seven cities worldwide now and this one, while on a River cruise, was the best I’ve taken. Our guide was terrific — fun, energetic, so knowledgeable about Strasbourg’s history and architecture as well as the cuisine. We visited a number of shops where we got to talk with the owners, ate at several places and then gathered food for a meal of cheese, charcuterie, and sweets along with wine tasting at an organic wine shop. Do one of their tours! Megan S., June 2017