What Would Strasbourg Look Like Without Winstubs?

Winstubs are cheerful and convivial places that play an important part in the life of the Strasbourgeois and all the people of Alsace. They sometimes seem like a cross between an English pub and a German Bierkeller, but the food is better than in either, and they have a definite atmosphere of their own. Typically found in narrow side streets, with heavy oak doors, thick bottle glass in the windows and cottagey curtains.

Maisons du quartier de la Petite France
Christophe HAMM – OTSR

The menu always features such classics as Presskopf, Schiffala with potato salad, Spätzele, Baeckeoffe or Choucroute, some Munster cheese, beautiful fruit tarts or perhaps a Kougelhopf glacé. To know more about the Winstubs and to understand Alsatian gastronomy, have a look to our food tours!

Follow the locals by ordering wine in a pichet (jug or pitcher) rather than a bottle and once you’ve reached the end of your meal, order a little glass of one of the region’s eaux-de-vie distilled from local fruit ripened in the sun.

Selection of Winstubs in Strasbourg

Le Tire-Bouchon
5 rue des Tailleurs-de-Pierre

Chez Yvonne “S’Burjerstuewel”
10 rue du Sanglier

Au Pont du Corbeau
21, quai Saint Nicolas

La Petite Mairie
8, rue Brûlée

Au Bon Vivant
4, place du Marché du Cochon de Lait

Le Clou
3, rue du Chaudron

Le Meiselocker
39, rue des Frères

Zuem Strissel
5, place de la Grande Boucherie

Le Saint Sépulcre 
15, rue des Orfèvres

L’Ami Schutz
1, rue des Ponts Couverts

La Maison des Tanneurs
42, rue du Bain-aux-Plantes

14, place du Marché aux Cochons de Lait

Le Lohkäs
25, rue du Bain aux Plantes

Maisons quartier de la petite France
Christophe HAMM – OTSR

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