A pastry class lead by a native English speaker and le Cordon Bleu Paris graduate at a beautiful Alsatian apartment near the Parc de l’Orangerie. Choose between a two-hour French Macaron class or a two-hour Mille Feuille class. In each, we’ll break down the recipes so you can easily recreate them at home. In both classes, you will sample what you’ve made over tea or coffee, and take home the recipes.


For the French Macaron class, you will be learning two classic fillings and how to make those gorgeous (sometimes finicky!) cookies. In the Mille Feuille class, we will delve into a technique that makes puff pastry so much easier. It cuts the preparation time from a full day to just an hour without losing that buttery flaky crunch and the lovely layers.

Includes: recipes, tasting, and for the Macaron class you take home a box of what you’ve made

Cost : 95€/person (maximum 4 participants)

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